Competitive Duckdose Review + Fresh 2020 Modafinil Alternative Source

Please note that DuckDose is no longer operating. After years of providing millions of customers with the best smart drugs, the vendor has recently notified customers about the closure. They once replaced the largest modafinil seller ModafinilCat after their unexpected shutdown and set the highest standards in the customer service and the product quality on the modafinil market. 

When it comes to choosing a trusted supplier to get your smart drugs from, the first thing you should consider is the quality of the offered products. Unfortunately, modafinil market is full of scams and third-rate quality products, so it’s not an easy task to find a decent modafinil vendor. 

The company has proven to be the most trusted place to get modafinil-based drugs from and in this DuckDose review, we will try to figure out what makes this seller stand out in the modafinil space.

DuckDose Overview

After ModafinilCat shut down, the vendor became the leading online seller of smart drugs in the nootropic space. One of the largest forums and places to find information on literally everything including even the smart drug sellers like DuckDose, Reddit, has lots of reviews left by the seller’s customers. And you won’t be able to find a single negative review there simply because this company won the heart of every single customer that comes to them through the outstanding customer service and excellent product quality. 

Products & Prices

The first thing that makes DuckDose so beloved by many is the quality of their goods. They source their products from HAB Pharma and Sun Pharma, the world’s best pharmaceutical companies based in the city of Mumbai in India.

The vendor is also known for their affordable prices which range from $0.85 to $1.80 per pill. It’s probably the lowest you can find online. Besides, you can always search for DuckDose coupons for an extra discount. 

But how can such low-cost products be of such high quality? The answer is simple. DuckDose offers generic drugs, and they are known to be way cheaper but no less effective than branded ones.

Modafinil A to Z

The nootropics offered by the sellers are limited to modafinil and armodafinil based ones. They have Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil. The quantities available range from 120 to 500, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. 

Shipping & Payment Options

Though DuckDose offers international shipping, they don’t ship to a number of European and Arabic countries but they do in a lot of other countries including the US and UK. 

The package usually arrives within 7 business days, which is pretty impressive considering they ship from India. According to their new policy, they charge $18 for international shipping, however, it used to be free.

Packages with pharmaceuticals are often seized by border security officers and if this is the case, they never reach their final destination. To avoid such situations, the vendor uses unmarked boxes, a separate name on the invoice and unmarked shipping labels. 

But if your package was seized by customs, which unfortunately happens once in a while, the company will resend your order for free, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

DuckDose accepts several payment options including Mastercard and Visa, both debit and credit cards. Unfortunately, they don’t accept PayPal payments but there’s also an option to pay with Bitcoin. 

Is It Safe To Buy From DuckDose?

Keep in mind that DuckDose closed down. It means that if you come across a website that claims to be DuckDose – leave immediately. This is a scam website aimed at stealing your money. 

In most advanced countries including the USA, modafinil is a strictly controlled drug. It means that you need to have a prescription from a licensed health practitioner to be able to buy it. However, DuckDose sells modafinil without any prescription which leaves many potential customers wondering whether it’s legal to buy from this seller or not. 

The thing is that the company operates from India where modafinil is completely legal. From there, they are able to distribute the drugs to the countries where modafinil is illegal.

However, if border security finds out that the package includes the illegal substance, they will have to seize it. No actions will be taken towards you but you won’t receive your package if this is the case. 

Usually, such situations are very rare. To minimize the chances of customs seizure, DuckDose uses discreet packaging and a separate name for invoices. However, if your package doesn’t make it through customs, the vendor will resend your order for free or give your money back. This is how they provide you with a 100% guarantee that you will receive your order, thus you have nothing to worry about. 

Why did DuckDose Shut Down? 

The news about DuckDose shut down broke unexpectedly leaving millions of smart drug users without a trustful supplier. The company never commented on what caused them to close their successful business. No matter the reason, they’re not the first modafinil seller to close their doors. It seems that modafinil business faces a lot of troubles trying to stay afloat in the market. 

So what could have made DuckDose close down?

Legal Issues

Modafinil business falls into a legal “grey area”. They sell from countries like India where selling modafinil is completely legal. However, most of their customers are from countries where it can be purchased only with a prescription. 

Such packages tend to be seized by customs resulting in numerous refund requests. This is where credit card companies step in because nootropic companies often have poor customer support. 

It’s possible that the government might have had a hand in putting modafinil sellers like DuckDose down.

Shipment Expenses

Border security is one of the major problems that online modafinil business has to deal with.

To attract as many customers as possible, online pharmacies often offer free shipping. DuckDose used to be one of them, however, later started to charge $18 for international shipping.

It’s very likely that the vendor started to lose customers because they stopped offering free shipping. 

In addition to that, there’s a theory that a lot of DuckDose packages were seized by customs in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. And according to the company’s policy, every time this happens, your products are re-shipped to you free of charge.

With the tightening of border security, it’s possible that too many DuckDose packages were seized. This way, they might have lost too much money on re-shipment and it became too costly for them to stay in business. 

Of course, we can only guess what lead the vendor to close their doors. We shouldn’t forget that behind every business stay real people who can have their personal reasons. Probably the company’s owners simply decided to quit this risky business and start something new. 


Sadly, as of today, DuckDose is no longer operating. During their years in business, they managed to change the face of online modafinil business by raising the standard of the provided services. 

This vendor was well-known for the outstanding quality of the products they offer. They cooperated with the first-class pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure their customers get the best value for money. DuckDose provided their loyal customers with outstanding customer service until their very last day in business. Alas, a huge number of the company’s regular customers were left without a reliable supplier of modafinil and had to search for a new modafinil source right from the jump. Unfortunately, the modafinil space is full of scams and vendors that offer bad-quality products so finding a reliable smart drug vendor is not a piece of cake.