ModafinilCat closed -Best Alternative Sources 2020 was a popular online store for Modafinil purchase fore several years. What happened to Modafinilcat now? We will investigate the reason and provide you with best alternatives to buy Modafinil online for 2019.

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A few years ago, the nootropic community was at a huge loss after the leading online vendor of modafinil-containing drugs ModafinilCat announced their closure. 

The company earned their unrivaled reputation through exceptional service, high-quality drugs, and prompt delivery. They were the most trusted smart-drug supplier delivering their outstanding products to customers all over the world.

Out of utmost respect for their long-time customers, they mentioned two suppliers to purchase quality modafinil-based products from — DuckDose and Afinil Express. The former ceased operating not so long ago, and the latter is currently the number-one study-drug reseller in the smart-drug community. 

The community is still puzzling their heads about possible reasons for such an unexpected closure. Hundreds of the community members are still struggling to find a reliable source for the smart drug because the industry is littered with scams and poor-quality products.

This sudden closure raised so many questions which we try to shed light on here. 

ModafnilCat Overview 

ModafinilCat was a large website offering to purchase modafinil-containing drugs from globally renowned drug companies. 

Delivering world-class service to everyone who knocked on their door, they kept attracting more and more customers in search of quality modafinil-based drugs.

They boasted customer-oriented policy to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the product and customer service. Right until the day they closed their operations, they were rightfully considered as the best-regarded website offering the smart-drug. 

Very few smart-drug sellers were as trusted as ModafinilCat. For a large number of smart-drug users worldwide, they were the best place to purchase modafinil-containing drugs. 

Watch Out for Scams 

Naturally, such large websites as ModafinilCat have always been a great opportunity for scammers. 

There are dozens of fake websites out there that have only one goal: to steal your money. Scammers recreate the interface of ModafinilCat to trick you into placing an order and sending your money to them. It means that you literally pay for nothing because scammers will never ship your package or send your money back.

How to spot a fake ModafinilCat website? 

First of all, always check the address bar, because fake websites tend to have domains that imitate those of large companies counting on you skipping over that information. Here are some examples of what the domain of a scam website can look like: 

  • (missing I) 
  • (modafinil spelled wrong) 
  • (extra L) 

It’s always worth double-checking the address bar especially when you’re redirected from another page. 

Watch out for poor English on the website. If you notice some poorly-spelled worlds, odd phrasing, and bad grammar, you should question the legitimacy of a website. 

The Contact Us page can also help you determine whether a website is legitimate or not. A legitimate online seller should list where their business is located, a phone number and an email to reach them. It’s also a good idea to try to reach them before you order to make sure there’s a live person ready to answer all your questions. 

If there’s no phone number listed, there’s a good chance that the site is a scam. 


So if you stumble upon a site that claims to be ModafinilCat, don’t purchase anything from them. It’s a fraudulent website that attempts to steal your money. 

Where Was ModafinilCat Based? 

ModafinilCat, among many other generic drug distributors, distributed their products from India. But why does India attract so many drug sellers?

First of all, India is one of the world’s largest exporters of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. In India, there are a few hundreds of world-class drug producers of high-quality medications for all possible health issues including nootropics like modafinil. 

ModafinilCat cooperated with the two largest Indian drug manufacturers to make sourcing for the smart drug less expensive. This way, they were able to make their products as affordable as possible. 

Besides, modafinil can be freely distributed in India, because is a completely legal substance there.  

Products Offered by ModafinilCat 

ModafinilCat specialized in selling modafinil-based products, i.e products containing modafinil as the active ingredient.

Modafinil-based drugs, also known as smart drugs, are nootropics used to boost mental performance, such as memory, creativity, intelligence, focus, and motivation.

The website offered the most in-demand smart-drugs produced by world-renowned manufacturers of high-quality medications. 

What Manufacturers Did ModafinilCat Work With? 

ModafinilCat cooperated with two major Indian drug companies to supply their customers with professionally manufactured drugs that meet the highest quality standards. 

Sun Pharma is a multinational Indian pharmaceutical company. They have been recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of generic medications. 

They produce a broad range of drugs used in various areas, such as psychiatry, cardiology, gastroenterology, and more. 

HAB Pharma is a leading Indian pharmaceutical company with over 30 years in business. 

They specialize in producing a wide assortment of pharmaceuticals ranging from hormones and vitamins to painkillers and eugeroics. 

As of today, HAB Pharma exports their products mostly to Asia and Africa. 

ModafinilCat Close-Down Theories 

After the company announced the closure of their operations, there have been a lot of theories surrounding the all-of-a-sudden shut-down. 

Theory #1: Forced Close Down 

The greater part of ModafinilCat’s customers was based in the United States, where there’s is a list of substances regulated by the government and modafinil is on that list. It means that it can be obtained only if it was prescribed by a licensed health practitioner. Modafinil-based drugs have the same legal status in most advanced countries. 

ModafinilCat operated only online and distributed their products from India, where modafinil-based drugs are legal.

Though it could’ve caused issues with customs in countries with strict border controls.  

It’s very likely that one of such countries perceived the company as a threat to their border security and had them close down.

Theory #2: Personal Reasons 

ModafinilCat claimed that their decision to shut down the operations was based solely on personal reasons. 

Considering the challenges that an online modafinil business can face, this decision is completely understandable. 

Selling modafinil-containing drugs to the countries where its use is strictly controlled by the government is a risky venture that can get you in troubles with the law. 

Probably the owner of ModafinilCat no longer wanted to live in fear for their business that sooner or later could have been closed down by the government and made a decision to do it themselves before it’s too late. 

Theory #3: Takeover 

After the website shut down, there was no immediate replacement for smart-drug users. 

Not to leave their customers without a regular source of modafinil-based drugs, they suggested to try out other sellers, DuckDose that was also closed down not long after that, and Afinil Express, currently the largest online store offering the nootropic. 

It’s a common theory ModafinilCat was taken over by a larger company, perhaps even DuckDose or even Afinil Express, that later lead to the closure. Another common opinion is that all three companies are owned by the same person or group of people, however, there’s no scrap of evidence to support this. 

Alternative Websites Offering Modafinil 

Millions of modafinil users worldwide were baffled by the sudden shut-down of the best online nootropic seller. Left without a reliable source for the smart drug, ModafinilCat’s customers had to find a new source to purchase from. 

Unfortunately, with the abundance of scams and poor-quality products in today’s nootropic market, finding a decent source for modafinil is not a walk in the park. 

ModafinilCat stayed loyal to their customers until their last day in business and mentioned two reliable smart-drug sellers making things so much easier for everyone who sourced the drug from ModafinilCat on a regular basis. 

They passed on the torch to Afinil Express and DuckDose, two major online nootropic vendors. 

Considering how much effort the company put into building a strong relationship with their customers, there’s no doubt that these companies can be trusted. 

DuckDose & Afinil Express 

After ModafinilCat left the market recommending these two companies to their customers, DuckDose and Afinil Express were considered the most trustworthy vendors.

DuckDose was one of a handful of reputable sources of modafinil known for delivering great customer service and outstanding quality products. They, among others, were a breath of fresh air in the nootropic space full of scammers and fraudsters waiting for an opportunity to cash in on others. 

Unfortunately, DuckDose made a decision to close down their operations. 

Afinil Express is currently the only operating website recommended by ModafinilCat. It has grown into the largest online retailer of modafinil-based drugs and can now be rightfully considered as the leader in this industry.


ModafinilCat was one of the leading online sources for modafinil-containing products beloved by so many customers all over the world. 

Recently they’ve decided to leave the nootropics market for good. 

They suggested their customers consider DuckDose and Afinil Express as a new source of the smart drug. 

As of today, Afinil Express is the only operating website between the two. It has grown into the number-one smart-drug online seller trusted by millions of customers worldwide.