ModUp.Net Hones Review and Alternatives for 2020

Important Update: ModUp.Net is no longer accessible. Unfortunately, the company closed their doors in 2018 leaving their numerous customers without a trustworthy vendor of modafinil. 

The company is one of a few modafinil vendors that really care for their customers and are always working on improving their services. 

During a few years in business, they proved to be one of the pillars in the modafinil space. However, they weren’t trusted by many when they appeared in the market. The thing is that modafinil resellers try to keep a low profile and not share many details about where they are located or who runs the company. This raised a lot of suspicion among modafinil customers because the modafinil space is littered with scam companies, and you should be really careful when sending your money to a company you haven’t ordered from before. 

Though ModUp seemed to be unreliable due to their mysterious profile, those who gave him a chance didn’t regret at all. With more and more people knocking on their doors, they became one of the most trusted places to buy modafinil. Today, this vendor is a go-to modafinil reseller for millions of users from all over the world.

But what makes this place so beloved by many? In this ModUp review, we will try to answer this question by discussing the services they provide. 

ModUp Overview

ModUp is a popular seller of modafinil. Unlike other vendors that have a large selection of modafinil-containing products, this company offers only Modalert. They source this modafinil-based generic drug from the world-class pharmaceutical manufacturer Sun Pharma. 

There is not much information about the vendor online, so it’s not clear where their headquarters or distribution center is located. However, according to Reddit, ModUp has a registered address in the Philippines but operates from the United States. However, there’s no evidence to support it and the vendor’s location still remains unknown. 

ModUp offers two shipping options. You can choose a 21-day delivery for $12.75 or 7-day delivery for $22.67. Unfortunately, unlike some other online resellers, they don’t offer free shipping, which is a bummer. However, their guaranteed delivery in case of customs seizure makes up for that.

Why Choose ModUp?

ModUp is currently a leading reseller of modafinil. They’ve made a real splash among the modafinil community by offering moderately-priced products of outstanding quality. Though there’re a few things that make them stand out from their competitors in the modafinil space.

Excellent Customer Service

It’s no secret that modafinil businesses live in a legal grey area and aren’t welcomed in most of the countries. That’s why there’s always a risk that your package will not make it through customs and if this is the case, you won’t receive your order. 

ModUp guarantees that you will receive your order no matter what. So, if your order doesn’t arrive because it was confiscated, the company will send you the same order completely for free. 

However, considering how many modafinil packages are seized by customs, it’s probably very costly for the seller to re-ship. This is probably why they don’t ship to some countries in Europe and the Middle East where border security rarely allows such packages through. 

Glowing Customer Reviews

There’re numerous positive reviews left by satisfied ModUp customers all over the Internet. They praise the quality of their product, excellent customer service, and prompt delivery.

We recommend you to always read customers’ reviews with a vendor you are about to purchase from to make sure they will provide you with the best possible service. However, the modafinil space is not the most trustful place, and many scam companies tend to fake positive reviews to attract more customers. 

Before purchasing from a new company, go through the reviews and make sure they are genuine and were left by real people. Of course, no company’s perfect but decent companies aren’t afraid of negative feedback and they take the most out of it to improve the quality of their services.

Customers leave their reviews on ModUp voluntarily and based on their own experience so you should check them first to make sure this seller will meet all your expectations.

ModUp Forum

Finding the necessary information online can be messy. There are tons of litter and just a tiny bit of useful information there. That’s why ModUp created their own forum to gather all the information concerning the topic in one place. 

Here you can find all information about nootropics, read about the experience of those who use them and engage in a friendly conversation with a fellow modafinil user. Besides, you can also share your experience with nootropics, ask for advice of a senior user or simply tell a story worth sharing and make friends with someone interested in nootropics just like you are.

Why Did ModUp Shut Down?

ModUp is no longer operating. If you see a website that feels and looks like ModUp, don’t purchase anything from them. It’s highly possible that it’s a scamming website designed to steal your sensitive information.

The news about ModUp’s shutdown turned up out of nowhere. They weren’t the first modafinil vendor to close their operations. However, they were the first to explain their decision.

In their official announcement, they stated that there was no reason to maintain ModUp because the modafinil cost in India dropped to $0.11 per pill.

As we wrote above, it’s unclear where ModUp operated from. The most popular place for modafinil sellers to base their operations in is India. There, modafinil is completely legal and can be distributed without any restriction. Besides, most generic drug manufacturers are based in India as well which makes it’s easier and cheaper to source modafinil.

However, ModUp’s announcement gives a reason to believe that the company was based out of India. Their shipping costs were way higher than the average shipping costs for packages shipped from India. Besides, a big amount of seized or lost packages results in higher expenses. All these factors show that trying to run an online modafinil business outside of India can be fatal. 


During their years in business, ModUp managed to reshape the modafinil space into a better place where customers feel welcomed. Even though they didn’t have a large selection of modafinil-based products, they made customer satisfaction their number one priority and did everything they could to provide their customers with top quality Modalert, which one of the many names for generic modafinil.

The vendor sourced their product only from a tried and tested manufacturer which is an internationally-recognized pharmaceutical company Sun Pharma. ModUp put their best foot forward to provide their customers with their orders no matter what. They also created a unique space for nootropic users to share their experiences and support each other in this big and not always friendly nootropic community. 

The modafinil space doesn’t have a lot of decent online sellers. It’s always a shame when such reliable vendors like ModUp are driven out of business and numerous modafinil users are left looking for a new trusted place to stock up with the smart drug.